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Nourishment when it matters most

Care you can taste

Regaining lost appetite. Making everyday menus sing. Finding a texture-modified dish that appeals. Ensuring allergens are no issue.

Reading this, you’ve probably already got a headache. This is where we come to the fore. First and foremost, we’re here to help you meet the challenges of providing nourishment when it’s needed most.

Delivering delight

Catering for a huge number of different dietary needs every day can be enormously challenging. Not to mention, the often fickle and changing tastes of patients and residents.

The good news is there’s no need to compromise on taste. We like to think that our deliciously nutrient-dense foods deliver an extra bit of delight every day. From what we hear, from hospitals and care homes across Australia, increasing numbers of people also feel this way.

Check-out how our product menu could help you.

Getting the balance right

Getting the balance right

‘Delivering delight’ are not words we use lightly. There’s real depth to what we do. Our expertise has been honed over many years. It’s based upon extensive conversations with chefs, dietetics specialists and healthcare professionals; to learn how we can help support world best practice in patient and resident nutrition. This goes beyond simply creating high energy-high protein dietary code compliant products. We always seek to understand what makes our range more appealing and easier for people to make part of their daily lives.

Collaboration and innovation

We always have a sharp appetite for a challenge. For us, it’s not enough to be a one-stop shop to simply fill the menu. We’ve always seen ourselves as innovators first and manufacturers second. This continues to result in numerous pioneering collaborations with major health and care organisations. Because one size doesn’t fit all – however perfectly it is proportioned!

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