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Nourishment when it matters most

At ProPortion Foods, we believe in getting the balance between nutritious and delicious exactly right from the start.

We proudly champion a food-first approach to recovery and wellbeing – tasty, comforting foods packed with nutrition.

It’s a commitment to care that’s evidence-based and taste-inspired.

We all know that the right nourishment is essential for our good health. However, for vulnerable individuals in hospital or long-term care reduced food intake can critically impact on their wellbeing, all too often resulting in delayed recovery or even malnutrition.

That’s why we create the most heart-warming foods that provide better nourishment and that meet the complex requirements of those you care for.

The result is a delicious menu of easy to eat, nutrient-dense, comforting foods in just the right portion sizes.

“Nothing delights us more than bringing a little bit of extra joy with each mouthful. Especially knowing, that patients and residents are on their way to recover, rebuild and live well.”

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Understanding what makes the difference

We know that food needs to be tasty, and in the right portion size, to encourage consumption; but of equal importance is the evidence that supports the most appropriate nutrition.

For example, studies suggest that older adults should have a higher protein intake in order to prevent sarcopenia (age-related muscle wasting). Those experiencing dysphagia (challenges in swallowing) require strict control over food texture and there are now standardised international guidelines for this (IDDSI).

To ensure the foods we create make a real difference, we always follow the best evidence and industry guidelines.

ProPortion Foods has been providing our organisation with quality products for many years.  I have always found their customer service efficient and super-friendly and deliveries are always prompt.  I would not hesitate to recommend ProPortion Foods.  Keep up the great work. – Home meal delivery service, NSW

We have always found ProPortion Foods to be a very professional company, orders are always delivered on time and correct. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company and hopefully to continue well into the future. – Aged care facility, NSW

Patients love ProPortion Foods' desserts, quite often they are the first thing to get eaten from the meal tray! This is especially important for patients on a HEHP (high energy, high protein) diet.  – Healthcare professional

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